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Services We Offer


We specialize in GA single engine and twins including experimental and experimental projects


Once we receive the mission and budget from the buying customer we will provide: 

  • List of matching aircraft for customer review

  • Initial visual inspection of aircraft

  • Comprehensive logbook review 

    • General history

    • Hours in service for all major components

    • Airworthiness directive compliance

    • Modification documentation

    • Damage history

  • Coordinate pre-buy activities​

  • Coordinate test flight for customer

  • Negotiations between buyer and seller due to any findings from the above activities

  • Training for safety and insurance requirements


We handle all correspondence about the aircraft and only contact you with offers and arrangements

  • Listing of aircraft for sale on popular websites

    • Digital photos of the aircraft will be taken​

    • Detailed logbook review to determine possible issues and related solutions

    • Component hours in operation report will be created

  • Handle all calls about the aircraft and answer all questions in timely manner​

  • Coordinate showing of aircraft

  • Coordinate pre-buy activities

  • Negotiations between buyer and seller

  • Temporary aircraft storage if required

  • Delivery of aircraft to new buyer

  • Training of the new buyer for safety and insurance requirements


What truly sets Central Florida Aircraft Brokers apart from the rest is our training ability.  We have experience in most of the common models of GA aircraft.  We can provide the insurance required specific type training.  This training has been traditionally difficult to arrange due to type of aircraft, location, timing, and cost.  Central Florida aircraft provides this training as part of our standard service for buyers as well as sellers.  This service can increase the value of an aircraft listed with us for sale as we can offer delivery and training to the new owner.

Used Avionics Sales 

Turn that box of old avionics in your closet into cash.

  • Operable used avionics command high prices 

    • Many people are in search of slide-in replacements instead of costly upgrades​

  • Provide us with a list of what avionics you have laying around

  • We verify the operation and determine market value

  • We list on popular websites

  • We handle all correspondence and shipping

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